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All you need to know about Ghana’s first historical fantasy book series


The Usurper’s Dream, the first book in the series, was released on 30 October 2022. It begins in the 16th century, with Osei Tutu, the young prince of Kwaaman, determined to free his people from the rule of Denkyira, the time’s superpower. The stakes are set in the opening when Osei Tutu plots with spies from Akwamu to usurp authority from Denkyira and free his people.

The author does not shy away from death, human sacrifice, and other characteristics of that era. The gods of the Ashanti nation are given prominent status and explored. Other historic characters who were usually kept in the background of Ashanti history, like Manu Kotosii, the mother of Osei Tutu,

The immaculately written story highlights the history of the Gold Coast as one that had a rich history before the era of the slave trade.

With a vivacious mix of fictional characters, The Usurper’s Dream strikes a winning chord for its exceptional re-imagining of Ashanti history.

The writing and plot stay authentic to themselves and never lose their charm despite the mix of historical and fictional details to move the story along.

There is yet to be a release date for the second installment of the book series. Readers can, however, anticipate it arriving near the end of the year. Copies of The Usurper’s Dream can be purchased at the Vidya Bookstore or Wusu Bookstore at East Legon. Copies can also be purchased on Amazon.com.


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