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Krobo district: ECG organises fun games with stakeholders


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has organised fun games with football teams from selected communities in the Yilo Krobo district to foster unity with its customers.

The participating teams were ECG/military team, Kpogunor team, Kpong team, Akro, Somanya police and

Following the group round matches, the Somanya police team faced the ECG/military team in a semi-final match, with ECG/military advancing to the finals.

The Kpong team also defeated YIKROSEC youth in the second semi-final to reach the finals.

Despite their great performances, the ECG/military and Kpong teams were unable to win the tournament within regulation time.

The ECG/military team defeated Kpong team in the penalty shootout, which ended 5-3.

The objective of the games was to enhance the current smooth working relationship between ECG and the customers/public in the Krobo area following a rough relationship in the past.

Top officials of ECG including Ing. Emmanuel Akinie, general manager, ECG Tema Region and Ing. Christopher Apawu, acting district manager, ECG Krobo District graced the occasion.



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