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Things you (probably) didn’t know about Caroline Sampson


Everybody either knows Caroline Sampson or knows a few facts about her. The celebrated actress, event host and media personality is still active in the media space after 17 years, because successful people don’t quit.

Before we surprise you with our list, we bet you didn’t know Caroline Sampson isn’t very good at counting money; basically, she only loves to spend it.

Below is an entertaining list of some lesser-known and fun facts about Caroline Sampson that will make you wonder who she is.

1. Distaste for “omo tuo” (rice balls)

Whether we consider ourselves picky or adventurous eaters, chances are we dislike at least one food or the other.

Mama Caro, as we affectionately call the delectable radio presenter, has strong feelings about omo tuo – a Ghanaian staple food made with rice.

According to the chief executive of the Accra eatery Chops and Flava, “Omo tuo looks like puke! I will never try it, not even with a gun to my head.”

2. Miss Malaika finalist

Challenges, obstacles, rejection, repeat – this pattern is familiar to Caroline Sampson as a one-time pageant girl before she launched a career in radio.

According to the host of Asaase Café 99.5 on Asaase 99.5 Accra, “I was a pageant girl before radio. Miss Malaika 2005 finalist.”

She has had stints with Atlantis Radio, GTV, TV3, Citi FM, Pravda Radio, YFM, ETV Ghana and Kwesé TV.

3. Deferred at university
Even with the uncertainty of success and the mystery of what’s to come, one big factor about Mama Caro is that she is not afraid to move out of her comfort zones.

“I attended AUCC and deferred at level 100 when I got pregnant, and never went back,” she told Asaase 99.5 Accra’s Winifred Lartey recently. Today, her son Jayden is her closest buddy.

She attended Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School.


4. Midas touch

For creative fields such as architecture, it’s never about the degree but about the design instincts that you’re born with.

According to the talented 38-year-old host, technical drawing and technical skills were her favourite subjects.

“You couldn’t touch me during technical drawing back then,” she recalls, adding: “I wanted to be an architect so bad when I was younger, but here I am.”

Wow, what a list! And who doesn’t love a juicy celebrity fact? We hope you enjoyed getting your teeth into these as much as we enjoyed sourcing them for you.


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